Matt Allen Ensemble

This composer-led ensemble is specifically designed to perform Mr. Allen's modular compositions with indeterminate instrumentation. The ensemble has become the main outlet for his self-titled musical style of psychedelic minimalism. The music explores mind manifestations and subverts the linear concept of time. Mr. Allen's compositions are designed to transcend the traditional method of linear music notation and to this end he has developed a nonlinear form of music notation. The ensemble had been a longtime dream for Mr. Allen that finally became a reality in February of 2014.

Free The Birds

Four Groovy guys playing very groovy music. Free the Birds came together in the summer of 2013 with the goal of liberating music from the concert halls. The Quartet specializes guerrilla concerts using impromptu stages and alternative performance spaces, but has also embraced the opportunity to perform in traditional venues. In their music, Free the Birds blends percussion grooves with hypnotic mallet melodies into a unique cathartic experience.

Kafka Café Orchestra

The "Kafka Café Orchestra" is an autonomous collective of sonic artists based in Southern California. The music performed by KCO is self-generated, synthesizing elements from several traditions, including--but not limited to--minimalism, rock, classical, electronic, and experimental musics. KCO is continuing the practices of Cold War Era counterculture artists such as Cartesian Reunion Memorial Orchestra, Scratch Orchestra, Musica Elettronica Viva, Harry Partch, Theater of Eternal Music, and Flock of Seagulls. KCO performances are clandestine and esoteric. KCO are pinko commie bastards who labor to give art music back to the people. KCO enjoys long, reflective walks on the beach. In regard to your sister's pregnancy in 1976, KCO denies all allegations of involvement. KCO would most certainly like fries with that.

The Los Angeles Composers Collective

The Los Angeles Composers Collective, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, was formed in 2011 and comprises composers and performers passionate about presenting all styles of music to as wide an audience as possible in the greater Los Angeles area. The LACC emphasizes performance of new music by not only its own resident composers, but other composers who call Southern California home.